DPG’s very own, DJ 2HIGH is an active Hiphop DJ, Music producer and Beats maker based out of City of Los Angeles, California. Also known to be an only Japanese member of the West coast rapper crew THA DOGG POUND
Born in Tokyo, raised in City of Yokohama,
As soon as DJ 2HIGH started his production carrier making beats using AKAI MPC-3000 back in 1996, he had an encounter with the young legendary SNOOP DOGG during his Japan tour. This was a turning point of his life that led to an international expansion in DJ 2HIGH’s music career and moved him into Los Angeles in later days.
A year later 1997, he made his first debut as “THC” with his involvement as a founder in the Dance Music Record Label “KSR”.
As he moved to +310 City of Compton, California after his first visit to Compton in 1997, DJ 2HIGH Started working with various West Coast based great Hip hop artist in music industry. He also moved around his base through out LA County to Long beach to Ingle wood and quickly expanded his skill set and network.
Started touring with Grammy winning artist COOLIO in year 2001. Year 2005, He started touring nation wide with THA DOGG POUND reunion tour and he officially became a part of DPG crew. As an exclusive branch to THA DOGG POUND, DOGG POUND JAPAN was established. Soon after DJ 2HIGH’s mix CD "West Coast Gangsta Shit" with features from various legendary artist including SNOOP DOGG was released.
As a part of his production career, DJ 2HIGH was involved in various album production as producer and coordinator for well known west coast rapper such as DAZ DILLINGER, WC, and FOESUM, so as many Japanese artists on "Let It Go" AI feat. SNOOP DOGG, “B4L” BBB feat. BUSTA RHYMES. DJ 2HIGH also produced a Tribute song for UNCLE JUNE BUG the SNOOP DOGG’s real uncle “We Miss You” SNOOP DOGG feat DAZ DILLINGER in Spring 2014.
Apart from being a bridge in between American and Japanese entertainment scenes, He also runs his own clothing line under name of  “BLUELINE CLOTHING”. DJ 2HIGH is always keeping him active in diversified business industry.
  Discography -
- Production History
1997      THC “LET ME SHINE” (KSR)
1998.     CORNHEAD “Pretty Pretty  Gal” (Eastwest Japan)
2004      AKI-LA feat. Snoop Dogg “Freak da Club” Remix (Sony)
2006      Foesum  “Till the wheelz fall off” (The Perfection Label)
2007      MNMSTA album “Here for a Reason” TITLE SONG AND OTHER 3 tracks.
2009      ALBUM “West Coast Gangsta shit Vol.1” (DPG Japan)
2010      Ai feat. Snoop Dogg "Let It Go" [Billborord Japan Hot 100 Chart #30 /
               Oricon Weekly Singles #26 / RIAJ Digital Chart Top 100 Chart #4]
2011      Aili feat. Warren G “This LUV” Remix (Avex)
2013      Daz & WC “Dubs in the air”  “Move I Make” feat Butch Cassidy
2014      BeatBuddyboi feat. Bustarhymes  “B4L”
2014      Daz Dillinger & Snoop Dogg “We’ll miss you”
- Mix Tape Release
2002      Mix Tape “The Real Deal Vol.1”
2007      Mix Tape “West Coast Gangsta shit Vol.2” (DPG Recordz)
2008      Mix Tape “West Coast Gangsta shit Vol.3” (DPG Japan)
2009      Mix Tape “West Coast Gangsta shit Vol.4” (DPG Japan)
2011      DJ Fillmore & DJ2HIGH “Just fire”  [Rakuten Weekly Chart #1]
2012      Mix Tape “West Coast Gangsta shit Vol.5” (DPG Japan/BP2011)
Official TOUR DJ for -
2001 Coolio US Tour
2005 Tha Dogg Pound US Tour